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A bit about us ...

We are Rebecca Roche and Alex Coward.

Our background is in the visual arts, and we value craftsmanship and skill in all things. This love for quality and beauty, and the scarcity of it in so much of modern manufacturing, has led us to this venture: A Bohemian boutique offering rare, unusual antiques, art pieces and vintage items for the home and garden.


The Bold and the Beautiful


Our style is not for the faint hearted!

We lean towards the highly decorative. If you don’t recoil at the prospect of  having a huge polychrome carved Balinese temple door in your living room you are in the right place. We don’t often do beige or magnolia, but why choose neutrals when you can have Turquoise and Gold?


Gilty pleasures


We like painted things,

woven things, carved things and gilded things. If it is unique and beautiful, if the hand of the artist is present, we like it. We love great design, elegant lines, bold colour. And gilded things.


We source items from across the ages, from 18th Century Asia to 20th Century Europe.  We want to help you create bespoke interiors, to mix and match; to provide an eclectic, rich, opulent and exotic living environment.

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