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Covid-19 Trading Update 08/04/20

As an online, family business, we have been able to trade as (relatively) normal so far in these extremely uncertain times: We are under lockdown in our place of work (our family home), we have no staff to furlough and we are able, up to the time of writing, to ship many items using standard parcel couriers. Please just check with us prior to ordering anything.

We are limited right now in terms of being able to buy new stock, and in our ability to ship some items. None of our regular couriers are driving until further notice which means we can’t guarantee immediate shipping of furniture or fragile items (eg: glazed pictures or mirrors).

The antiques trade as a whole though are talking to each other throughout this crisis, to pool resources and promote business. It may be possible to source a carrier to wherever you are so please, if you are interested in anything, just let us know. We managed to get a delivery quote for a pair of chairs to Hong Kong just this week so please don’t be put off asking! If we can’t ship something directly, we can store for as long as needed.

We will update the blog when any developments happen, until then take care of yourselves and each other, hope to speak to you soon

Alex and Rebecca

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