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Western Punjab, early 20th Century circa 1910. 234 x 124 cm (92 x 44.8 inches). Densely embroidered in warm cream and pale gold floss silk over a fine cotton ground. The superb and complex design featuring concentric diamonds set within a repeat pattern of larger diamonds and borders in cream and gold.


An exceptional, museum quality piece in superb condition. Phulkari bagh often feature a repeating block of two concentric diamonds, finer pieces like this example feature three concentric diamonds, with the innermost diamond further subdivided into four parts.


The quality of these textiles needs to be seen to be believed. The surface is completely covered in embroidered silk and they look and feel like the absolute height of luxury. The way they fold and flow and drape, the buttery soft feel of them, they are second to none.


Phulkari ('floral work”) refers to the folk embroidery of the Punjab region. Bagh ('large garden') is a style wherein the entire surface is embroidered. While The colour palette of East Punjab examples are brighter with magenta, green, red and yellow being dominant, Phulkari from western Punjab are characterised by the use of gold and white.


Astonishingly, these beautiful and accomplished textiles are created without recourse to pattern books and the embroidery is worked entirely from the reverse of the fabric by counting the yarn. Fine gaps are left between the shapes so that the red base fabric (khaddar) shows through as an outline. 


Condition is almost perfect, a very small loss of embroidery to one of the magenta border triangles.  No marks or stains. Please see images and video.


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Gold and Cream Phulkari Bagh Early 20th Century

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