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275cm x 158cm, circa 1950


Exceptionally beautiful and bold colour combination on this flatweave from the desert province of Yazd. The complex and highly skilled weaving technique employed on Zilu textiles results in the pattern being inverted on each side: One side is predominantly turquoise, the reverse is predominantly pink.


These cotton, double sided flat weave rugs are unique to the city of Meybod, where they are believed to have been produced since the Sasanian Dynasty (224 to 651 AD). According to the Zilu Museum of Meybod, there are now only a dozen weavers left practising this ancient art.


Condition overall is excellent for age, with no restorations or significant damage. The selvages are frayed, and there are minor signs age/usage, some small areas of localised wear to the weave. The turquoise side displays better, the pink having a couple of small marks (At bottom left pink side there is a small area, 2cm square, of a hard, wax like substance and above that a couple of longer marks, see images and video) but no significant stains. There are some darker spots to the pink side also, possibly colour bleed.


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Mid Century Pink and Turquoise Yazd Zilu

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