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Highly attractive, sculptural, large Japanese vases in richly patinated Bronze.

Late Meiji Period, late 19th/early 20th Century.


At 32cm x 45cm these matching Bronzes are unusualy large and especially decorative. The depth of colour is impressive, to say it has been finished with a Brown Patina would be to do it an injustice: It is deep and warm, Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate, it has a rich Caramel centre and Pistachio Green highlights. It is luscious. 


They are so organic in form and colour, they barely seem to be made of metal at all. They are very fluid, with the undersides particulary looking like something that belongs underwater.


Both vases are in excellent overall condition, one leaf has a small area where the patina has been lost, this being around 1mm wide and 1cm long. Both vases are signed (different marks to each vase, we only have space for one image, please contact if you would like to see the other.)


UK shipping is £30, please contact for an International shipping price.


We have lots more images we can't display, please contact if you would like to see them, we can forward you the contact sheet we selcted these images from.

Very large pair Meiji Bronze Vases

  • We are happy to accept returned items if they arrive damaged or are not as described. No other reason will guarantee a refund. Please study images carefully, they count as part of the description. We are happy to supply additional information and images on request

  • UK shipping will be £30 standard Postal Courier, we can arrange a personal courier if you would prefer, please contact for a quote. International shipping available please contact for a quote.

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